The Best Small Business Loans For Bad Credit For 2021




OnDeck is the best small business loan lender for bad credit as it accepts minimum credit values ​​of 600 and offers same day financing. As long as you’ve been in business for over a year, have a commercial bank account, and have annual sales of at least $ 100,000, you can apply for a loan here

  • Early repayment of the loan does not save any money
  • Requires daily or weekly repayment
  • Cannot lend to companies in Nevada, North Dakota and in certain industries

Founded in 2006, OnDeck is a listed small business lender operating online and over the phone. This is the best small business lender when it comes to bad credit. To qualify for a loan, all you need is a minimum loan value of 600, which is less than many providers allow. Also, after loan approval, you can get your money the same day and get more money after repaying half of your loan.

You can borrow between $ 5,000 and $ 250,000 and lines of credit between $ 6,000 and $ 100,000. The amount available for borrowing depends on your business revenue.

The repayment terms for fixed-term loans are three to 36 months and for a line of credit 12 months. For a term loan, if you have paid back half the loan, you can apply for more money and you will not be charged any remaining interest on your existing loan. Unlike most lenders, the repayment is automatic either daily or weekly depending on the business information you provide OnDeck.

The minimum APR for term loans is 11.89% and for credit lines is 10.99%. The origination fee is built into the APR, and repaying the loan early can result in your remaining interest being foregone. However, this prepayment option means a higher annual interest rate. OnDeck also assumes a general lien on all business goods and requires a personal guarantee.


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