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Some surprises, like an unexpected raise or a hotel upgrade, are welcome. However, when it comes time to close a house, surprises are seldom good. In the case of title errors or funding delays, the paperwork can quickly become a horror. However, buyers can minimize or avoid problems by identifying potential bugs and avoiding them before the close date. Here are some of the most common closure problems and how to avoid them.

Documentation error

Errors in documents are one of the most common mistakes in real estate financial statements. These can be as simple as a typo in a name or address, or as significant as missing pages or an incorrect loan amount. In either case, these errors can delay completion by hours, days, or weeks.

In order to minimize the risk of typing errors, ask to look at the final documents beforehand and read them carefully. The sooner problems are identified, the easier it is to fix them and keep the closure on schedule. visit https://landmark24.com/mylandmark24/customer-care/ to see how we can help.

Last minute inquiries and mortgage delays

When buyers set deadlines and notify their lenders, it is assumed that the lender will let them know if the deadline may not be met. However, this is not a safe assumption. In today’s competitive marketplace, lenders are busy and it is easy for files to fall between the cracks. It is very common for letters to ask for additional information late in the process so buyers have to make an effort to find it.

At the beginning of the closing process, ask the lender what documents they will need to prepare your file and write a loan. Once you figure it out, provide them with these documents asap. It is important that you keep in constant touch with your lender. You should email or call once a week to make sure your file gets ready on time. If you need something but haven’t asked for it yet, bring it to the final interview.

Cash flow problems

When buyers visit their bank to arrange to have the deposit transferred to the closing agent, they usually think they are good to go. This is usually the case unless the transfer fails or is incomplete.

Avoid cash flow problems by paying the deposit (in the cashier or certified check Form) or transfer the funds ahead of time. If you’re not sure how much you will need to close, transfer a little more and wait for a refund.

Unclear title

Not all titles are unique. Sometimes title companies find that a home seller never paid their property taxes or a contractor put a lien on the property. As grim as these issues are, one thing is clear: they create big problems for homebuyers.

Avoid these problems by reading the title report carefully. This information is usually given directly to the lender, but it is easy for buyers to obtain a copy. When you take out title insurance, you will be protected if the title company has made mistakes in the search.

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Walkthrough issues

It’s a few days before closing and you are going through your home-soon. Finding damage that wasn’t there before can be quite disappointing, but avoiding these problems is easy.

Your real estate agent and the seller’s agent will work together to resolve the issue. First, they will work together to negotiate an agreement between the seller and buyer to decide what is acceptable, how much the repairs will cost, and whether to withhold funds Crooked until the job is done. By resolving these issues in advance, you can ensure a timely completion.


Finishing a new home is an exciting process that can quickly become overwhelming if not handled properly. By looking for the most common mistakes and making an effort to avoid them, you can close on time every time.

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