Loans denied, man sets bench furniture on fire



Loans denied, man sets bench furniture on fire

When the fire department was alerted, the staff hurried and put out the fire

Representative picture.  Photo credit: Pixabay Photo

Furniture and machinery worth Rs 16 lakh were destroyed in the Canara Bank branch in the village of Hediggonda in Byadagi Taluk early on Sunday morning after a man set them on fire.

Rattihalli resident Waseem Akram Mulla, 33, was upset after the manager denied him credit. He carried gasoline and rode his bike to the bank around 2 a.m. He broke windows of the branch on the first floor of the Gram Panchayat building and gained entry. He poured gasoline on the materials and lit a fire.

Furniture, cash register devices, computers, printers, surveillance cameras, scanners, fans, certain documents and bill counting machines were gutted in the incident.

A few attentive residents caught him jumping down and trying to escape. They beat him and handed him over to the police.

When the alarm was raised, the fire brigade rushed out and put out the fire. The Kaginele police recorded one case.

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