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Matt Wells, Mortgage Sales Manager at Champion Credit Union, provides advice and information on lending in today’s busy real estate market.

Q: What expertise do you have in lending and how many people are in your team?

Spring: I’m the Mortgage Sales Manager at Champion Credit Union. I have been in this role for almost six years. We have four originators and five operations staff who keep our loans running from start to finish.

Q: What items should a prospective buyer have in order before contacting their lender?

Spring: For general product and process questions, a phone call to a lender should be the place to start. Different types of loans (ie refinances and purchases) require different information. The loan officer must fill out an application, draw a loan, and collect your wealth and income information. Again, the loan officer can provide all the details and provide the details based on your individual loan needs.

Q: How does CCU offer a lower interest rate than competing institutions?

Spring: At Champion Credit Union, we have proudly served the communities of western North Carolina since 1932. We are a member-owned organization that believes in passionately influencing and supporting the communities and members who support us. As a non-profit organization owned by our members, not shareholders, we are committed to offering competitive prices that can help our members achieve their financial goals, not shareholders.

Q: How is CCU able to close loans faster and more efficiently than other lenders?

Spring: Over the years we have followed the team approach, tweaking it and improving the process over time to make the lending process as fast and efficient as possible. Our decision making is local and the people involved in the process, from originators to processors to closers, all work very well together to complete loans as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q: What is the benefit of working with a local lender?

Spring: The borrowers we work with are all different. Some want the personal touch of sitting down by going through their finances to see what they can or cannot afford, and some prefer to communicate over the phone and digitally via email and text messages. At Champion Credit Union we offer both approaches. We have loan originators in the communities we serve who are willing to meet with applicants in person, but can also assist those borrowers who don’t have time to meet but are willing to work together via phone and email. In any case, our teams are here to make it easy for the applicant.

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